Okay, so you have been working from the house for a while now. We bet the going hasn't been easy with chores, cleaning, kids and family or even extra-tight work deadlines. While most tasks have no shortcuts like dusting, washing or cleaning, you can definitely cut down time if you have your cooking sorted out. Here are hacks that can help you in that regard:
1) Dishing up an aloo sabzi? If you have to answer a few work calls in between, just immerse the chopped potatoes in a bowl of cold water to stop them from browning.

2) To skin tomatoes easily, place them in a pot of boiling water for about 10 seconds then dunk them into cold water. The skin will peel away easily.
3) To make mint leaves stay fresh, place them like flowers in a glass filled with a little water.

4) To get more from lemons, microwave them for 15 seconds - they'll end up being softer and juicier.

5) For softer chapatis, knead a little milk into the dough.

6) To peel garlic easily, pop the cloves into a bowl of hot water.

7) Dealing with a burned saucepan? Don’t over scrub it. Instead, baking soda and vinegar to it with hot water to remove the browning.

8) To keep herbs fresh for longer, place the chopped them in ice cube trays with olive oil and freeze.


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