It’s the oldest story in Bollywood that it’s not easy to make it big here. Niharica Raizada - our guest this week on HowIMadeIt- has had a run in the glamour industry and not yet had a game-changer but she is pinning her hopes on the runaway hit 'Sooryavanshi' wherein she plays a cop.

“A few of my pictures on Instagram are responsible for this, but I really don’t know why I am only seen as overtly sexy,” she says, though not in these exact words, “I am fed up of being an object of titillation.” See the full conversation in the video below:

Niharica also points out that she has no issues doing intimate scenes in OTT shows but not that she wants to do roles which require her to indulge only in sex scenes. “The role needs to have some graph,” she asserts.

Niharica has a lot to say in this video. And before we forget, she is of course smiling from ear to ear for the fact that 'Sooryavanshi' has garnered huge collections and the fact that she got an opportunity to work in an Akshay Kumar - Rohit Shetty film.


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