We at ETimes have been pretty curious as to what would be Ram Gopal Varma's reaction on the latest remix of Mangta Hai Kya l, featuring Palak Tiwari and Aditya Seal. The original song from RGV's blockbuster 'Rangeela' starred Aamir Khan and Urmila Matondkar. We had even asked Palak and Aditya to guess what RGV would say after he sees them dancing to a rehash version of the song, which was penned by Mehboob Alam Kotwal and set to tunes by AR Rahman.
Aditya had sheepishly replied that he would rather not know RGV's take on their number or perhaps, he would like to know it only in private. That Ramu has a quirky and wacky sense of humour is no secret.

See the video below to see the Palak-Aditya FULL INTERVIEW:

This afternoon, we texted Ramu for his opinion on the remix in question if he had seen it by now. Pat came the reply "Nope".

Now there are 2 possibilities: Either Ramu wants to remain mum about his take because he hasn't liked it. Or, he has indeed not seen it. We'll go with the latter, considering his reply to us.

But wait! The curiosity has not ended. Why only us, but anybody would like to know what RGV experienced after seeing the Palak Tiwari-Aditya Seal remix. Joy? Disappointment? Anger? An urge to dance? We don't think Ramu can refrain long from seeing it and giving vent to his opinion.


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